Ilkeston Running Club

League and other event diary


The club currently participates in the Booth Decorators Leage, BDL. This is a local league of 11/12 clubs from around the area. As member you can enter these BDL races free, as part of your annual membership.

League and other event diary

Booth DecoratorsLeague

Provisional Dates for Summer 2019 Road Races

09/04/19 Teversal (7:15 start)
07/05/19 Ilkeston (7:30pm start
04/06/19 Denby (7:30pm start)
02/07/19 Carsington (7:30pm start)
06/08/19 Shipley Park (7:30pm start)


Confirmation of 2019/20 XC League Race Dates and Venues:

(Provisional) Winter Dates 
13/10/19 Shipley Park 
10/11/19 Chaddeston 
22/01/20 Bramcote 
12/02/20 Holmebrook 

You may notice Bakewell is missing, the land has been sold, alternatives are being looked into. 
The provisional dates will be confirmed after the next league meeting in September

Club 5k Handicap

First Tuesday of the month. Leave club at 7pm

Pub quiz after at Rutland Cottage - 9:30pm start

Derby Midweek Races

The Derby Midweek races are great addition to anyone’s training regardless of the distance you are aiming for. For those not in the know, for a £3 entry fee you can run a 1 mile race at 7pm and a 5k race at 7-20pm. The course is flat and fast and the races are held once a month through to April. We aim to leave Ilkeston at about 6pm. Rob and Carol usually go for a curry and a pint afterwards in Derby.