Ilkeston Running Club

Championship Rules

Detailed information regarding the scoring system and general rules for this years championship

How the championship works

The club championship will monitor the progress of all members of the club with the emphasis on attending club nights, Booth Decorators League (BDL) races and relay races.

An additional championship will be run based on an age rated performance in the BDL races with some performance related bonus points available for finishing in the top 3 for your age group.

The championship is run annually 1st September to 31st August with an awards night in September. Awards - There will be 4 awards categories with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize in each category.

1. Men’s Club Championship award.
2. Women’s Club Championship award.
3. Men’s Performance award.
4. Women’s Performance award.

Championship Rules
  • To score points you must be a fully paid up member of the club.
  • It is the responsibility of the leader of a club night to take a register and enter this onto the database or pass it on to the Championship manager to do so.
  • You must, if possible to do so, enter events as an Ilkeston Running Club member.
  • We would like you to wear your club race vest / training top with club logo on in events to help promote the club.
  • Only races included in the Club Championship programme will be eligible for race participation points
  • The points for all of the Club Championship programme races will automatically be added to the Championship table if practicably possible. However, it is your responsibility to notify the Championship Manager where this has not happened (within 7 days).
  • It is your responsibility to claim ALL PB points using the form available in the members section of this web site. Failure to do so within a week of the race being run will result in no points being given. When claiming PB points include an internet hyperlink to the race results and your finishing place given.
  • No PB points will be given unless a previous PB time is recorded on the club website.
  • You may claim for any running only race (i.e. not the run section of a triathlon).
  • Runners with dogs are permitted to claim points for races that also allow none canicross runners to participate. However, no PB points will be awarded if the race is run with a dog.


    Date Race Distance
    03-Sep Wilne 10k
    24-Sep Robin Hood Nottingham HM & FM
    29-Oct Worksop HM
    19-Nov Heanor Pud Run 10k
    10-Dec Turkey Trot HM
    Jan Notts/ Derby County XC Champs XC
    Jan/ Feb Midlands XC Champs XC
    04-Mar Rushcliffe 10k
    04-Mar East Midlands (Holme Pierrepont) 10k
    18-Mar Ashby 20m
    08-Apr Derby 10k
    22-Apr London Marathon FM
    22-Apr Longhorn 5k,10k, HM, FM, 60k
    12-May Sinfin Classic (Elvaston Castle) 10k
    23-May Trent 5 (Beeston) 5 mile
    03-Jun Ramathon HM
    15-Jun Nottingham 10 10 mile
    26-Jun Grand Prix (Rushcliffe) 4 mile
    28-Jun Grand Prix (Holme Pierrepont) 10k
    03-Jul Grand Prix (Victoria Embankment, Nottm) 5k
    05-Jul Grand Prix (Colwick) 5 mile
    13-Jul Tara Kinder 10k
    25-Jul The Run (Breaston) 4 mile
    04-Aug Castle Rock (Nottm Uni) 10k
    13-Aug Newark  HM
    In addition the above races, participation in Club Handicap, BDL, NMXC, Club supported relays, Parkruns and Derby Midweek races will count.
    Dates of races are an expectation based on the timings of the most recent runnings. The programme is also subject eg in the event of a race being cancelled or clashing with a BDL race.
  • How we will calculate the results.

    Races / Events Points
    Club Nights / Club Meeting 5
    BDL Race 25
    Club Handicap 10
    Relays Events 20
    5k Race 3
    10k Race 6
    Half Marathon 13
    Full Marathon 26
    Other distance race - points per full miles completed (Max 30) 1


    Bonus Points

    Bonus Points
    Leading a run 5
    Helping out at Double or Quit 15
    Helping out at Booth Stute Race 15
    Club Handicap Volunteer 10
    Supporting Members at BDL events 5
    Support at events 2
    Introducing a new member to the club 15
    Club Handicap PB 10
    Recent best (Handicap) 10
    5k PB 3
    10k PB 6
    Half Marathon PB 13
    Marathon PB 26
    Other distance race PB - points per full miles completed (Max 30) 1

    Recent Best (handicap only): The fastest time recorded for that course during the current season. In order to qualify for Recent Best championship points, the time recorded must be faster than any recorded for that course during the previous season.

    PBs can only be claimed if we have a previous time record for you in the results database.

    Performance Championship

    The performance award will be based on the BDL. You will be awarded age graded points based on your position compared to the fastest placed runner in your age category.

    This Category Winner's Time becomes a benchmark that all runners in that category should aim for.

    The Category Winner's Time is then compared to the club members finish time in that same category.

    Category Winner's Time / Club Members finish time : This gives you a percentage.. 


    VM40 Category Winners Time 00:27:35
    VM40 Club Members finish time 00:31:34
    Performance = 87.38% which converts to 87 points.

    The top 6 scores will form an overall total. The highest total wins.

    Additional bonus points available : Top 3 finish in your age category at any event


    Race - Top 3 points Points
    BDL 10
    5k 1
    10k 2
    1/2 Marathon 3
    Marathon 4
    Ultramarathon 5