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1st August 2017 - Results, 17th - 23rd July

Parkrun - 22nd July 2017


Bamford Fell Race
19th July, 197 Runners

19th Brendan Moore 34:37

Hercules Challenge - Ultra
22nd July - 78 Miles

Ian Cooper 41 Miles
Richard Bower
Dawn Bower
Andrew Bird 36 Miles
Darren Hayes
Liz Bamford 36 Miles
Richard Iliffe 32 Miles
Dave Feely 36 Miles

Holme Moss Fell Race
22nd July, 141 Runners

110th Cathy Ayton 4:32:19

24th July 2017 - Results - 10th - 16th July

Parkrun 15th July


Black Rocks Fell Race

12th July - 205 Runners


14th Brendan Moore 42:12

18th Dan Sleath 42:31

157th Hayley Moore 57:29


Sunrise 5k Derby

14th July


Darren Hayes 24:53


Tara Kinder Memorial 10k

14th July - 478 Runners


3rd Michael Earley 34:55

4th Paul Whittleton 35:07 1st V40

227th Jo Saunders 52:54

384th Steph Bloor 1:03:54


Snowden Mountain Race - 9.7miles

15th July - 566 Runners


370th Cathy Ayton 1:52:37


Brooksie's Bash - 10 Miles

16th July - 233 Runners


34th John Reynolds 1:19:59

48th Richard Iliffe 1:26:10

49th Liz Bamford 1:26:22

57th Yulia Ravenhill 1:28:14 3rd F40

77th Simone Ward 1:31:25

87th Laura Hickey 1:34:20

138th Rebecca Townsend 1:41:49

139th Rachael Bradley 1:41:56

145th Julian Bloor 1:42:22

179th Peter Holden 1:49:27


16th July 2017 - Results - Week Ending 9th July


Parkrun - 8th July


Parwich Hill Race - 3 miles


4th July, 55 Runners


Brendan Moore





Holme Pierrepoint Grand Prix Race 3 - 5k, Victoria Embankment

4th July, 481 Runners


Michael Earley




Paul Whittleton


3rd V40


Sam Owen





Richard Hobson




Aimee Hobson





Holme Pierrepoint Grand Prix Race 4 - 5 miles, Colwick

6th July, 409 Runners


Michael Earley




Paul Whittleton


1st V40


Ian Hunter



2nd V40


Sam Owen





James Read




Richard Hobson




Laura Hickey




James Turton




Aimee Hobson





Bramcote Bandana Run - 5k


7th July, 69 Runners


Natalie Braisby


1st Lady


Tara Oxley



2nd Lady



Bramcote Bandana Run - 10k


7th July, 82 Runners


John Reynolds




Laura Hickey




Jake Barnes




Alison Parsons





Newark Notfast 10k


9th July, 248 Runners


Brendan Moore





Chatsworth 10k


9th July, 970 Runners


Kyle Jones







5th July 2017 - Results - week ending 2nd July 2017

Parkrun - 1st July


Holme Pierrpoint Grand Prix Race 1 - 4 Miles, Rushcliffe Park

27th June 2017, 431 Runners


Michael Earley 5th 22:29

Paul Whittleton 8th 22:42 1st V40

Sam Owen 10th 22:52

Ian Hunter 11th 22:54 2nd V40

Richard Hobson 79th 27:08

Sarah Taylor 144th 29:02

Laura Hickey 171st 29:55

Aimee Hobson 428th 48:27


Winster Fell Race, 3.8 Miles

27th June 2017, 126 Runners


Brendan Moore 13th 28:02

Cathy Ayton 46th 32:30


Dublin Half Marathon

1st July 2017, 1533 Runners


Julian Bloor 298th 1:44:08

Anika Power 1424th 2:30:21




Holme Pierrpoint Grand Prix Race 2 - 10k, National Watersports Centre

29th June, 449 Runners


Michael Earley 14th 35:19 

Paul Whittleton 15th 35:45 3rd V40

Ian Hunter 16th 35:55

Sam Owen 19th 36:34

James Read 41st 39:13

Richard Hobson 96th 42:35

Sarah Taylor 166th 45:48

Laura Hickey 233rd 49:04

Aimee Hobson 444th 1:16:56


Great Hucklow Fell Race, 10k

2nd July


Brendan Moore 23rd 50:55






28th June 2017 - Results - Week Ending 25th June 2017

Parkrun - 24th June        


Darren's Dash - 17th June, 5.5 miles, 72 Runners        

Robert Sharratt 37th    

Richard Iliffe 45th    

Andrew Bird 47th           


Hayleys Cancer Fight 10k      23rd June     

John Reynolds 7th    

Nicola Roper 9th (2nd Lady)  

Julian Bloor 11th                  


Darren Holloway Memorial Race - 24th June, 14 miles, 21 runners       

Cathy Ayton 14th 04:04:40  

Richard Iliffe 15th 04:04:46   

Jon Rice 16th 04:05:07   

Andrew Bird 17th 04:06:34          


Nomad 50k Ultra - 24th June, 25 runners         

Ian Cooper 9th 05:49:00          


Nomad 50 Mile Ultra - 24th June, 21 runners         

Nicole Atkinson 9th 1st Lady 10:05:00         


Little Eaton Leg It 25th June, 4.7 miles, 109 runners        

Paul Whittleton 1st 0:30:45          


Grimsthorpe 10 - 25th June           

10k, 177 runners           

Wayne Swiffin 75th 01:03:11          

Half Marathon, 91 runners           

Carrie Chan 52nd 02:09:09   

Darren Hayes 55th 02:10:38   


4th January 2017 - It's January - Why not join a running club.
Ilkeston Running Club It

We're biased of course, but we think Ilkeston Running Club is one of the best around.

But, you may have some concerns about whether joining a running club is right for you.

You're not alone, a lot of people do think this way.

Here, Richard Iliffe, who recently became chairman of Ilkeston Running Club, writes about why he thinks you should join.


Running into new horizons

I am still relatively new to running, having only taken it up in November 2012.

From running a mile a day (sometimes not even that far) in November 2012, to running my first “race” in 2013 (the Derby 10K, with the help of Ilkeston Running Club), I am now running up to marathon distance events, regularly tackling the fells and will soon tackle my first Ultra (a gentle 65km).

Whilst I had the personal motivational reason to take up and enjoy running, joining a running club has helped me massively.

Admittedly, the thought of tagging along with “proper runners” was very daunting,

Would I be fast enough?

Did I have the right clothing or footwear?

Would I need all the hi-tech gadgets?

But, do you know, none of this mattered. I was made to feel at ease on the first night, and everyone ran at my pace.

I very quickly turned into a runner, rather than someone who runs. Although I have lived in Ilkeston all my life, I discovered new paths and trails I never knew existed; again another benefit of running with the club is varying my running.

Previously, I would only stick to the roads but we have a massive amount of paths and trails on our doorstep, so you don’t have to be a lone runner and just pound the streets.

By joining a club, you will have the support and guidance of enthusiastic and experienced runners. You can read as many books as you like, but these benefits should never be underestimated.

For me, the best thing about becoming a club runner is the friendships. The pressures of everyday life are with us all, Running, and being part of a club, is an escape from this. Compared to other sports, running is available to everyone, it is relatively cheap, and, within minutes, you can be out of your front door and running.

I would advocate that everyone should join a club like Ilkeston Running Club. You won’t look back.


To join the club, visit



9th December 2016 - Weeks review

Last weeks review

Parkruns, committees, charity cheques and great BDL results!

What a busy week.
Firstly, we had a fantastic Tuesday night training session led by Dave Feely; a Shipley Park head torch run.

Wednesday night was the AGM, always an informative night.

All reports and accounts are shipshape. We appointed the new committee members more about all of them to follow.

We said thanks to outgoing chairman James Turton, and congratulated Richard Iliffe into the role. The two lucky marathon place winners were drawn from 15 eligible members. So it is congratulations to Kevin Johnson and Richard Hobson.

Deb Lee from the Ryan Lee Trust charity came to collect the cheque from the money raised at the Double or Quit Race. A whopping £2448.41. Thanks to everyone who helped organise the race, the marshals and, of course, everyone who took part.

Thursday we had a speedy track session led by Steve Capewell. Top effort everyone.

Saturday saw lots of members taking part in parkruns; Lucy Morris took part in Rosliston parkrun. At Long Easton we had Corrina Loosemore, Natalie Braisby, Richard Hobson, Paula Pigot, Annette Cluley and Sue Bates. Gabby Haverson took part in Kilkenny. Wayne Swiffin was a tail runner at Clumber Park parkrun.

We had a good performance at the North Midlands Cross country race at Shipley Park. In the Ladies team, we had Cathy Ayton, Melissa Denman, Jessica Denman, Natalie Braisby and Rachel Davis. The men's team consisted of Simon Kirk, Simon Davis and Ian Cooper. Also out supporting was Richard Hobson, Tony Donaldson, Dave Millington, Dave Rouse and a big thanks to our chief tent man David Feely and head cheerleader Clara.

On Sunday we had the 3rd BDL XC race at chilly Bakewell Showground. This year, we ran in reverse. The exciting course had its ups and downs, long grass, mud, hay and the famous water crossing which didn't leave its usual aroma this year! We had a 42 runners take part and great results; the men's team came 3rd, ladies 4th and a combined results of 4th.

Well done everyone that took part and thanks Dave Rouse, Paul Ewart, Julian Bloor for their support.

What an amazing week and what fantastic team spirit as always.

24th November 2016 - Weekend Review

Parkruns, the Maravan Relay, Heanor Pudding run and the Clowne 1/2 Marathon...

On Saturday morning we had 8 runners out at 3 Parkruns. Corrina Loosemore ran at Beeston, Colin Foster ran at Rother Valley while John Rice, Ian Cooper, Sonia Hutchby, Joanne Saunders, Annette Cluley & Sue Bates all ran a Long Eaton.
Well done Corrina who finished 1st in category, Ian came 2nd in category & Sonia was 3rd in category!

Also on Saturday we had 4 IRC runners, Paul Whittleton, Cathy Ayton, Simon Kirk & Dave Feely all competing as a relay team in the Maravan 4 birth relay race in Cleethorpes. Each took it in turns to run a total of 7 laps between them to complete the marathon in a great time of 2:53:09 which put them in 1st position in the mixed teams category and 2nd overall.
Very well done guys!!

There were 2 races on Sunday morning, the Pudding run 10K where we fielded 14 runners and the Clowne 1/2 Marathon where we had a team of 6. From the blue skies and sunshine on Saturday the weather took a huge turn for the worse as storm Angus did its very best to disrupt proceedings delivering rain, gales and very cold temperatures. But that didn't seem to deter anyone! There were some great performances despite the conditions!

Brenda Moore, Andrew Bird, Dave Millington, Malc Atherton, Ian Cooper & Andy Murray each braved the conditions to run in the Clowne 1/2 marathon, a tough undulating course at the best of times while Keith Hudson, Sam Bacon, John Queenan, Richard Hobson, Yulia Ravenhill, Rowan Chamberlain, Steve Sharpe, James Turton, Linda Castle, Alicja Langley, Lucy Morris, Carrie Chan, Paul Ewart & Aimee Hobson all ran in the Heanor Pud Run.

Earlier in the week on Wednesday we had a great turn out to the Midweek races in Derby,
14 runners in all competing in the 1 mile & 5K races. Well done to Brendan Moore, Simon Kirk, Richard Hobson, Dave Millington & Rowan Chamberlain each achieving new PB's in the 5k event!

Well done everyone, great running and an amazing team spirit from everyone as always!

17th November 2016 - Weekend Review

Parkruns, the Seagrave Wolds Challenge and the XC BDL

We had 9 runners braving the rain at 5 different Parkruns on Saturday Morning. Well done Paul Whittleton finishing 2nd overall at Woodhouse Moor, Dave Millington & Lucy Morris were running at Markeaton Park while Simon Kirk, Annette Cluley & Sue bates ran at Long Eaton. Well done Simon & Sue both coming 3rd in category with a PB for Simon!
Andy Murray & Richard Hobson ran at Forest Rec with Phil Michou running on his own at Sherwood Pines and finishing 1st in category, well done!
Carrie Chan ran in the Seagrave Wolds Challenge. A 16 mile route of mixed surfaces, taking in the Soar Valley, Mountsorrel and the Swithland Reservoir finishing in position 303 in 3:18:19.
Well done Carrie!

On Sunday we had the 2nd XC race in the BDL at Chaddesden Park where we had another fantastic turnout, 55 runners in all. The Ladies did a great job coming 2nd on the day and remain in 3rd position overall, the men's team came 4th on the day and are 4th overall and combined we currently lie in 3rd! Very well done everyone!

After the race on there were the presentations for last seasons Summer league. The ladies team picked up the trophy for 2nd place, their first ever league trophy for the club. Huge congratulations ladies!! 🏆
There were also some individual trophies...
Colin Ward picked up the trophy for 1st place in the VM40 category & Corrina Loosemore picked up the trophy for 2nd place in the VL40 category excellent work both of you!

Next up on the BDL calendar is the Bakewell meet on the 4th December at 11 am. Looking forward to another big turnout...can we beat 55?

9th November 2016 - Weekend news

Parkruns, 2 10K races, 2 10 milers and the Dovedale Dash!

On Saturday morning we had 7 runners taking part in 5 different Parkruns. Lucy Morris ran at Rosliston, Dave Millington & Richard Hobson ran at Markeaton, Colin Foster ran at Brierley Forest, Andy Murray ran at Forest Rec while Carrie Chan & Annette Cluley ran at Beeston.
Well done everyone.

On Sunday we were represented in several events...

Keith Hudson & Richard Hobson took a trip down to Birmingham to run in the 'Lets move it' 10k in Cannon Hill Park. Both managed to smash their PB's with Keith finishing in 13th position overall in 39:25 & Richard finishing in 34th in 43:01.
Well done both!

Ian Hunter ran in the Leeds Abbey Dash 10k finishing in 395th position in 37:50

Richard Iliffe ran in the Rockingham 10, a 10 mile race around Rockingham Motor Speedway. Richard also managed a PB finishing in 51st position in 1:11:44
Well done Richard!

The Derby 10 mile race was also on Sunday where we had several of runners taking part.
Well done Simon Ward, Neil Cort, Dave Millington, Yulia Ravenhill, Phil Michou, James Close, Rowan Chamberlain, Carrie Chan & Sue Bates.

And finally, the infamous Dovedale Dash returned once again over the weekend, a challenging 4.5 mile XC race. The race begins with a steep downhill sprint down past Thorpe cloud before crossing the icy river Dove, then on to several undulating boggy fields in the Dove & Manifold valleys before a LONG STEEP run back up to the finish!
Well done Cathy Ayton, Melissa Denman, Jonathan Rice, Colin Foster, Annette Cluley, Jean Davies & Sandra Oats for taking on this course!

Well done everyone!

See you all at the BDL on Sunday at Chaddesden Park!

25th October 2016 - Weekend news

Local Parkrun action, an 8m fell race, a 10 miler, the Thoresby 10k and the Derby Midweek Races.

We had 10 runners out covering 6 of the local and nearby Parkruns on Saturday morning...
Lucy Morris ran at Markeaton park, Paul Whittleton, Alan Bower, Annette Cluley, & Sue Bates all went over to Long Eaton.
Laura Hickey ran around Beeston, Michael Andrew was at Rushcliffe with Andy Murray at Forest Rec while Richard Hobson & Colin Foster both ran at Sherwood Pines...
Very well done to Richard who came 1st in category and Paul & Laura both coming 2nd in category!

On Sunday Cathy Ayton ran in the Wirksworth Undulator, an 8.4 mile fell race with 1260ft of ascent and a mix of off-road, trail and lanes. She finished up in 65th position in 1:20:32

Dave Millington ran in the Draycote Water 10 Mile race in Warwickshire while Keith Hudson & Lucy Morris both ran in Thoresby 10, a 10k trail run in the grounds of Thoresby Hall running along old military roads, cleared tracks through ancient woodland and grassed paths around the country estate.
Keith finished in 2nd position overall and was 1st in category in a time of 42:15 with Lucy finishing 135th in 1:09:17.
Well done both!

Earlier in the week...
On Wednesday evening we had October's instalment of the Midweek Races along the Raynesway in Derby. Well done to all that ran (see results in accompanying images) and to Paul, Brendan & Richard each achieving new PB's in the 5k event

Well done everyone!

19th October 2016 - Weekend news

A Parkrun, the North Mids XC League, a 13 mile fell race, the Gruesome Twosome 1/2 Marathon and the Stilton Stumble 10K

It was very quiet on the Parkrun front this Saturday morning with just 4 runners, Liz Bamford, Dave Millington, Michael Andrew & Sue Bates heading to Long Eaton. Well done Liz on setting a new PB and finishing 1st in your category!

The North Mids XC league is now underway, the first race in the series was held on Saturday afternoon at a very sunny Markeaton Park. There were lots of running clubs present with some great runners from all over the North Midlands taking part which made for a tremendous atmosphere. We just managed to get 2 full team's together on the day and everyone ran a great race! Well done Cathy Ayton, Natalie Braisby & Amy Hobson on the women's team David Feely, Dave Millington, Richard Hobson, Andy Murray and Ian Cooper for the Men. Very well done to Cathy coming 3rd in category!
Thanks also to Kevin Roughton & Johnathan Pitts for the on course support! Very much appreciated.

Andrew Bird & Richard Iliffe were also running on Saturday pairing up to run in the Gruesome Twosome. Run in pairs this tough half marathon takes in some of Lincolnshire’s finest scenic countryside on a very undulating & multi-terrain course taking in grassland, quiet tarmac roads, public footpaths, trails and meadows.
They managed to stay together finishing the race in 2:04:00.
Well done both!

On Sunday morning Jessica Denman, Melissa Denman and Phil Michou all ran in the Stilton Stumble, a 10km road race around the Nottinghamshire countryside. Starting and finishing in the village of Cropwell Bishop the course includes the scenic Stilton cheese-making villages of Colston Bassett, and Long Clawson.
Well done Jess for not only setting a new PB but also finishing 2nd in category!

Also on Sunday, with the North Mids XC race still in her legs from the day before...Cathy Ayton ran in the Windgather Fell Race, a 13.5 mile scenic run near Buxton with 2500ft of ascents. Even after stopping to give some much needed help to a badly injured fellow runner she managed to finish 109th overall and 6th in category in a time of 2:38:10.
Well done Cathy!

Great running everyone, apologies if I've missed anyone out!

13th October 2016 - Weekend news

Weekly Parkruns, the Goose Fair Gallop and Two half in Derby city centre and the other in the Derbyshire Dales...

We had 8 runners out at 5 different Parkrun locations on Saturday morning. Andy Murray ran at Colwick, Dave Millington & Lucy Morris both went to Markeaton Park. Sue Bates & Simon Davis ran at Long Eaton, Colin Foster went up to Bolton House while Keith Hudson & Richard Hobson both ran at Poolsbrook.
Well done to Keith and Richard both setting new PB's and coming 1st & 2nd in category and Dave coming 3rd.

The Tissington Trail Half Marathon was back this weekend which is held on both the Saturday and the Sunday. It's a net down hill course along the old train line between Parsley Hay and Ashbourne with some great scenery passing through some beautiful countryside in the Derbyshire Dales. We had runners entered on both days, 10 in all...
Well done to Matthew Nightingale, Natalie Braisby (3rd lady!), Suzanne Ashley, Cathy Ayton (PB!), Dave Millington, Kerry Queenan, Ian Cooper, Rebecca Townsend, Simone Ward & Paula Pigott.

Derby City also hosted a half marathon on Sunday, its 2nd of the year in which we had 3 runners entered. This course started and finished at Derby University and headed through the city centre. A mostly flat course with a 'good' up hill finish!
Well done Steve Chamberlain, Neil Cort, & Ryan Meads..

Also on Sunday, The Goose Fair Gallop was back celebrating its 30th anniversary. The course is a 10k loop with beautiful views; stunning landscape and challenging undulating course. Well done to Darren Hayes for taking on this course coming home in 76th position in 53:14. Great stuff!

Well done everyone!

6th October 2016 - Weekend news

This weekend there were the weekly Parkruns to report on and now that the weather has started to turn a tad chilly it can mean only one thing...XC season is back!

We had 11 runners out at Parkruns on Saturday morning. Laura Hickey ran at Sherwood Pines coming 1st in category, Well done! With Lucy Morris running at Rosliston & Richard Hobson running at Rushcliffe.
Matthew Nightingale, Liz Bamford, Corrina Loosemore, Richard Tillson, Michael Andrew, Annette Cluley, Suzanne Ashley & Sue Bates all ran at Long Eaton. Well done to Liz setting a new PB to come 1st in category & Corrina coming 3rd in category.

Sunday saw the return of the BDL XC League with the first race being held in Shipley Park. A fantastic sunny morning brought out a huge number of IRC runners, 48 in all to really kick the season off. A tremendous effort from everyone saw the men's team finish in 3rd position with the ladies in 4th & the joint team in 3rd. A brilliant result which has set us up nicely going in to the 2nd race at Chaddesden park next month. Great job everyone!
Thanks also to everyone who turned out to support the runners on the course, it's always very much appreciated by everyone and can make all the difference when the legs are starting to tire! And big thanks to Andrew for capturing some great images of the race!
Great team spirit as ALWAYS!!
Well done everyone!

27th September 2016 - Weekend news

Lots of runners out this weekend taking part in several races some local some not so! There were Marathons, half marathons, a 10k and of course the weekly Parkruns!

We had 14 runners up and out early Saturday morning for their weekly fix of Parkrun action...
Lucy Morris ran at Rolliston Parkrun coming 1st in category and setting a new PB...Well done! Richard Hobson went to Forest Rec also coming 1st in category with Mellissa & Jessica Denman both running at Beeston and coming 1st & 2nd in their category!
Paul Whittleton, Michael Early, Jon Rice, Dave Millington, Ed Buda, Alan Bower, Ian Cooper, James Turton, Annette Cluely & Sue Bates all ran at Long Eaton, Well done Paul and Michael both coming 1st in category and setting a new PB's! and Well done to Alan coming 2nd in category!

Sunday saw the return of the very popular Robin Hood Full & Half Marathons where we had lots of representation as you would probably expect, both from runners (19 in all) in both events and supporters too who made their way to the course to give some much needed encouragement! Thanks for your efforts!
A huge well done to Carrie Chan for taking on the full Marathon and to all the half marathoners: David Feely, Andrew Bird, Elizabeth Bamford (PB), Ryan Meads, James Close, Julian Bloor, Darren Hayes (PB), Malcolm Atherton, Tom Bamford, Laura Hickey, Ed Buda, Deborah Woodhouse, Linda Castle, Craig Hardy, Jayne Threlfall, Paula Pigott, Laura Morle & Sue Bates....See the attached a list of all Robin Hood runners with positions and finishing times!!

While the sensible ones amongst us found a nice local race, Dave Millington (me) had been driving all night heading up to the Highlands of Scotland to run in the Loch Ness Marathon. An absolutely fantastic race as it turns out in one of the most beautiful settings you can imagine! A better than expected performance helped me to a finish time of 3:55:01 which was good enough for a PB...just. I can thoroughly recommend this one but please take my advise and make a weekend of it. DO NOT drive up, run the race and drive home all in one go...however most people would already know this was a bad idea!

Keith Hudson was also running on Sunday, taking part in the Global Energy 10k in Sheffield. Another great run from Keith saw him home in 13th position in a great time of 40:13 just a few seconds short of his PB. Great run Keith! Well done!

Well done everyone, see you all next Sunday for the first race in the XC league!

13th September 2016 - Weekend news

We've had another busy weekend with bit of everything thrown in. Parkruns, a 5 miler, a 20 mile fell race, a 40 mile ultra and of course the Great North Run!

A very wet Saturday morning saw only the hardiest of runners braving the conditions at the local parkruns...
Dave Millington was joined by Paul Whittleton, Ian Hunter and Simon Kirk to celebrate his 50th parkrun at Colwick park. Dave & Paul were both 2nd in their category's with Ian coming in 3rd. Well done guys!
Lucy Morris ran at Markeaton, Simon Davis ran at Beeston with David Feely & Sue Bates both running at Long Eaton. Well done to Simon coming 1st in category and to Sue coming 3rd.
Emma Bennett and Jon Rice both took part in the very scenic Nine Edges fell race, completing the 20 mile run side by side finishing in a great time of 4:19:29. Well done to you both!
Ian Cooper was back to his ultra antics running in a 40 mile ultra marathon and smashing his previous PB by an hour and a half, well done Ian super effort!

On Sunday morning Richard Hobson, Dave Litchfield and Lora Morle joined Mo to take on the Great North Run. Well done Richard on another PB!
We also had 4 runners taking part in the Long Eaton 5 mile race. Well done Neil Cort coming 1st in category, Keith Hudson, Phil Michou & Paula Pigot. Great running! Brendon Moore & Cathy Ayton were also running on Sunday in the 4.5 mile BlueBell fell race in Belper. Brendon finished in 11th position in 27:49 with Cathy coming in 21st place (2nd lady) in 31:35. Well done guys!

Great work everyone!

7th September 2016 - Weekend Review

There were plenty of IRC runners out in action again at various Parkruns on Saturday.
Paul Whittleton ran at Cleethorpes Parkrun. A great effort saw him come home in first place while also setting a new sub 18 PB!
Well Done Paul great stuff!
Dave Millington and Andy Murray kept it local running in the Markeaton & Forest Rec Parkruns while Joshua Hazeldine went on tour at Fell Foot Parkrun up in the lakes.
It was a busy one again at the Long Eaton Parkrun with Jon Rice, Alan Bower, Ian Cooper, Ed Buda, Richard Hobson, Annette Cluley, Emma Bennet, Julie Buda & Sue Bates all running.
Well done Alan coming 2nd in category!

The Wilne 10k was back with us on Sunday morning where we had 10 runners taking part. Conditions were perfect which made for some great running on this flat fast course. Well done Keith Hudson, Natalie Braisby, Richard Hobson, Phil Michou & Emma Bennett for smashing your PB's!

Also on Sunday Neil Cort made the long trip down to run in the Chippenham Half Marathon. Another great run saw him come home in 120th position in a time of 1:32:46. Great running Neil well done!
John and Kerry Queenan were also in action on Sunday both running in the John Fraser 10 mile race in Leicestershire. John finished in 106th position in 68:59 with Kerry finishing up in 341st in 81:39. Well done both of you!

Great running everyone keep up the good work!

24th August 2016 - Weekend Review

A bit quieter on races last week, just a few to report on, a 5 miler on road, an undulating 10k, a few parkruns and a 30k trail run.

There were 6 runners out at parkruns this weekend. Phil Michou, Emma Bennett & Sue Bates ran at Long Eaton, Lucy Morris ran at Rushcliffe and Corrina Loosemore & Alan Bower ran at Beeston. Well done Phil for a new PB!

Richard Hobson ran in the Bassingham Bash, a 5 mile road race finishing 64th in 35:42 which was a new PB! Well done Richard great effort!

On Sunday 6 IRC runners ran in the Rugby Rover 30k. A challenging 30km Multi-Terrain Run starting in the Heart of Belper in the Derwent Valley and taking in some breathtaking climbs, stunning views, Ancient Woodlands and challenging descents. Well done Paul Whittleton, Cathy Ayton, Emma Bennett, Ian Cooper, Caz Roach & Yulia Ravenhill. Congratulations to the ladies team who came ran a terrific race and came home in 1st place...Brilliant, well done!

Keith Hudson was also in action on Sunday running in the Mansfield 10k finishing in 30th position in 42:39. Certainly not a flat course this one so that was a great time well done!

Great running team IRC!

This weekend we have our very own Double or Quit race to look forward to at Shipley Park. We have managed to completely sell out the race which is absolutely fantastic!
Thanks to everyone marshalling and helping out with the event...It's going to be a great day!
See you all there!

8th August 2016 - Weekend news

Quite a lot of races last week to report on...I hope I found them all! Several fell races, a couple of 10K's, parkruns, our own handicap run, a few PB's and an Ultra marathon....

Tuesday evening was the clubs monthly Summer Handicap run with 21 runners and an amazing 10 volunteers out to helping the run go smoothly! Well done to first timers James Close and Tom Bamford we hope you enjoyed it! Congratulations to Debbie Woodhouse for being the first back and to Darren Hayes for being first male back.
Very well done to the eight members that got PBs and & a big thank you to all of the volunteers - another great job by all and very much appreciated!
Also on Tuesday 7 IRC runners ran in the Parwich Panoramic Five, a very scenic 5 mile fell race following the skyline around Parwich and Alsop-en-la-dale. Well done Colin, Brendan, Simon Ward, Simon Kirk, Richard Iliffe, Ed Buda & Julie Buda.

On Wednesday Colin Ward & Chris O'Donnel ran in the Cracken edge fell race. A tough 7 miler with 1450ft of ascent. Colin finished 22nd in 50:32 with Chris coming in 136th place in 1:07:57

On Friday evening 4 runners made the trip to the Castle Rock 10k at Nottingham University. Well done Keith Hudson, Natalie Braisby, Richard Hobson & Phil Michou, great running on a tough course! Some great PB's too! Also on Friday Brendan Moore, Simon White, Cathy Ayton & Jessica Denman headed in to the hills to run in the Salt Cellar Fell Race, this was a 7 mile race with 486m of ascent. Starting from Derwent reservoir the route ascends up on to Derwent Edge before descending back down from Salt Cellar Boulder. Well done everyone.

On Saturday Simon white decided the 7 mile fell race the day before was just a mere warm up run. Just a few hours later he was back running again, this time in the Long Tour of Bradwell Ultra Marathon! 34 miles and 6870ft of everything the Peak District has to offer; limestone dry valleys, exposed Kinder Moorland, Hope Valley ridge running, gritstone edges and undulating woodland. He ran a terrific race finishing in 40th position in 8:21:04. Great running Simon!
We had 11 runners at the local parkruns this weekend. David Feely & Lucy Morris ran at markeaton, Andy Murray ran at Forest Rec, Joshua Hazeldine, Corrina Loosemore, David Millington, Ian Cooper, Emma Bennett, Linda Castle, Annette Cluley & Richard Hobson all ran at Long Eaton. Well done to Corrina who finished 1st lady, Joshua 1st in category and Emma also 1st in category with a new PB!

Ian Hunter went international in the Huckleberry 10k in Oregan USA. Despite being on holiday he ran a hard race to finish in 1st place in 41:12 earning another race victory! Brilliant Ian well done!

On Sunday Dave Crilley & Cathy Ayton ran in the Dovedale dipper, a 26 or 15 mile circular run through the Derbyshire Peak District National Park. Dave ran in the 26 mile option finishing in 25th position in a great time of 5:24:00 with Cathy running in the 15 miler coming home in 28th position in 3:45:00
Great running both of you! Also on Sunday Chris O'Donnel was back in the Peak District running in the James Thorn Fell Race, a 5 mile race with 1611ft of ascent.

Well done everyone another busy week of racing!

1st August 2016 - Weekend news

Parkruns, a 10 mile road race, a 10k and a midweek 4 miler in Breaston...and several PB's!

13 runners were out in Parkrun action again this Saturday morning...
Sam Bacon ran at Markeaton Parkrun.
Joshua Hazeldine, Simon Kirk, Natalie Braisby, Richard Hobson, Andrew Hutchinson, Alan Bower, Emma Bennett, Ian Cooper, Tara Oxley, Annette Cluley & Mark Lambert all ran at Long Eaton and Lucy Morris went on Parkrun tour at Fell Foot Parkrun in Newby Bridge.
Well done to Simon Kirk, Natalie & Richard who all ran new PB's, with Natalie also finishing 1st in category!
Also on Saturday, Neil Cort ran the Heckington Show 10 Mile road race finishing in 47th position in a great time of 69:57. Great running Neil well done.

On Sunday we had Paul Whittleton running in the Great Grimsby 10k. A strong run saw him come home in 35th place in 37:34 which was good enough for another PB!
Awesome running Paul well done!

Earlier in the week on Wednesday evening, 12 members of team IRC made it along to Breaston for this years 'The Run', a great little four mile event run mostly on road, with a very handily positioned finish line right outside the Navigation Inn pub...
There were strong runs and great individual performances on the night and a great team spirit at the end as always, great running everyone!

Well done team IRC

28th July 2016 - Weekly review

Race review:
A much quieter week of racing for us last week, a midweek 10k, parkruns, and a brutal 18 mile fell race!

On Thursday evening we had 3 runners in action at the Hardwick Hall 10k. A tough but scenic undulating out and back course with a really good climb and descent! Keith Hudson finished in 21st position in 42:00, Chirs O'Donnell 54th in 47:25 & Natalie Braisby 66th in 48:15
Well done everyone, a tough run for a Thursday evening!

On Saturday 8 IRC runners took part in our local Parkruns. Natalie Braisby, Richard Hobson, Emma Bennett & Lucy Morris ran at Markeaton. A great run by Natalie saw her finish 3rd lady overall & 2nd in category with Emma Bennet also coming home 2nd in category. Corrina Loosemore, Deborah Woodhouse & Annette Cluley ran at Long Eaton. Well done Corrina coming 2nd lady & 1st in category while Ian hunter was back at Forest Rec coming 2nd in category...Great parkrunning everyone!
Also on Saturday Paul Whittleton ran in the Alfreton park 5k race, he ran a great time of 19:31 which was good enough to win the race! Great running Paul well done!

On Sunday Simon White & Cathy Ayton ran in the Holme Moss Fell Race. This is an extremely tough race run over 18 miles taking in parts of the pennine way. With more than 3700ft of elevation, steep climbs and descents this race is extremely challenging!! Simon finished in 41st position in 3:22:42 and Cathy finished in 130th in 4:24:20.
Fantastic running both of you!