Double or Quit

Date : Next race : 24th August 2019

Annual Double or Quit Race

lead bike

The Double or Quit Race is an annual multi-terrain 5,10 or 15 mile race around scenic Shipley Park in Derbyshire.

You can choose the distance you want to run on the day, 5,10 or 15  miles or even Nordic Walk (5 Miles).

The race starts at 5pm from Shipley Park Visitor Centre, Heanor, Derbyshire DE75 7GX and has a time limit of 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Half Way (Quit) and The Finish

There will be a split point just before the 5 mile point for runners to choose whether to run another scenic lap or call it a day.

Please listen to the marshals and follow the signs.

  • 5 mile runners will need to bear Left,
  • 10 and 15 mile runners will need to bear Right.

    Once again for the speed-readers: at the split point... 5 mile runners bear Left, 10 and 15 mile runners bear Right.

    Don't worry – we'll shout to remind you!

    Please ensure that your number is attached and clearly visible as this contains your chip for yout racd time.

    You will be handed a goody bag and a drink.

    Please take the opportunity to cheer in the remaining runners.

    The Course

    The start and finish are on the grass field by the race village.

    Start will be by a siren.

    Multi terrain so beware of gates and uneven ground in places – starting on grass for first 400m and then gravel/shale followed by left onto a broken tarmacked surface up to the 1 mile mark.

    Watch out for the speed bumps and a narrow bridle-gate. A better tarmacked surface leads downhill (and another bridle-gate) before we turn left onto a gravel bridleway.

    Follow the track alongside the woods on your right and over two bridges before going uphill on a broad track with sleepers laid in the surface to assist drainage.

    Turn left and onto red shale and gravel tracks (watch out for rutted sections) for 1 mile before a left onto the Nutbrook Trail (Drinks Station).

    Double or QuitsThe surface remains fast (tarmacked ) for the next 0.8 miles before a steep uphill section, which has recently been re-surfaced, and then a gentle gravelly downhill (4 miles), some more (flat) tarmac and earth/gravel along a long-disused railway before finishing the lap on the grass field near to where you started.

    One more lap of the same for the 10 mile competitors, two more lasp of the same for the 15 competitors.

    Please note: there are two narrow gates at approximately 1 mile and again at 1.3 miles on Shipley Lane.

    We do not have permission to open either of the large gates across the road so all runners will have to pass through these narrow gaps. They are wide enough for one runner, please be sensible and courteous, this ensures that the course is pretty much traffic free.

    Here's a link to a map of the route: Detailed Map