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Elaine Gunn

Elaine Gunn

ELAINE GUNN  Born 24 April 1972   Died 03 February 2015 aged 42 years

It is with great sadness that I have to report the very sad passing of an ex Ilkeston Running Club member, Elaine Gunn.

Elaine was only 42 and had been battling Cancer for a while and passed away in Canmore Hospital, Canada on February 3rd 2015 at the very tender age of 42 surrounded by her adoring family.

Elaine and her husband James - local lad - had moved to Canada in, 2004 with plans to start a new life together there.

Elaine was a nurse and wouldn't have any problems finding work in Canada and James had taken time off from his job as a Fireman at Stockhill Fire Station with the proviso that if they didn't like Canada and wanted to come home within the year, James could have his old job back in England.

Carol and I visited in Easter 2005 when they were living in Calgary and stopped with Elaine and James for a good amount of the time and had a great time despite the very cold temperatures of up to -30 degrees c.

They were still at the mulling it over stage when we visited and I was very adamant that they should stay as the outdoor life would suit them and there would be a better life for them in Canada.

They chose to stay, Elaine with her Nursing and James eventually getting a job in the Fire Service.

Heather and Finlay were born in Canada and we did meet Elaine and Heather when she came back to the UK not long after Heather was born as a couple of the above pictures show - taken at our old base of the Albion Leisure Centre.

Eleanor and Jez Weinberg were good friends and kept more in touch and spent much more time in Canada as they also enjoyed the outdoor life and skiing in particular and I believe saw Elaine about 4 years ago.

Elaine Gunn

Elaine Gunn

Elaine Gunn

Elaine Gunn

Elaine was a wonderful lady, obviously a marvellous wife and Mum and it is very sad now for James, Heather and Finlay to be without their wife and mum when she had so much more to give and our heart felt condolences are sent from all at Ilkeston Running Club who had the pleasure of knowing Elaine whilst she passed amongst us all too briefly.

God Bless Elaine you are in safe keeping now.


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